First i would like to thank all the who have posted their valuable experience in msinus, it has helped me very well to prepare for my visa interview. Now i would like to give back by sharing my experience.

University: UNR
Program: MBA
Session: Spring 2015
Status : Approved (second time)
City : Dhaka
Country : Bangladesh
Funding: FDR in account
Work experience: 4.75 years

Let's skip all the details about how to prepare your documents, i guess you have already found out about it from other posts.
I had 2 interviews. Got rejected the first time, gave interview within 18 days of first rejection, got visa approved in the second interview.

Interview 1

Counter 5

VO: Lady of eastern asian origin, age 30-35 years

VO: Hi
Me: Hi good morning, how are doing?
VO: im good, what about you?
Me: im fine.
VO: can i have your passport please? (takes the passport and starts viewing the application and leaves the station for about 45 seconds)
VO: So you want to go for masters?
Me: yes, MBA
VO: Which university?
VO: How many university did you apply to?
Me: Just UNR
VO: Can i see your I-20?
Me: Here you go.
VO: ok, did you give GMAT?
Me: yes, i scored 500 (tried to pass the GMAT scores, but she didn't take it
VO: why UNR?
Me: (gave her the reason, why this is a good school)
VO: Who is going to pay for your studies?
Me: My parents, and i have money in my account?
VO: Can i see your bank statement?
Me: Passed her the Bank Solvency Certificate (she didnot look at it) instead asked for the a/c statement (looks at it confusingly)?
VO: What does your father do?
Me: (told her about my fathers business, my father is into human resources and i also work in human resources)
VO: Interesting... So you want to major in HR?
Me: No... i will be majoring in finance because i am working in the financial sector.
VO: what is your father monthly income?
Me: (told her the amount)
VO: So how do you plan to pay for the entire course of your study?
Me: Well, my father is going to help me on this regard, we have land assets and he will liquidating the assets to pay for my studies.
VO: Where did you go to school here?
Me: (said the school name)
VO: Where did you do your SSC HSC?
Me: I did O-levels and A-levels from (said the school name)
VO: Did you get any scholarship from UNR?
Me: No i did not receive any scholarships.
VO: starts to take notes in her computer for a while. then sits straight looks at me, with genuine regret and says " well, you look like an excellent candidate, you have good scores and academic background, however, the school that you are planning to go is very expensive and i dont think you have enough funds to pay for your studies, so i cannot give you the visa at this moment"
Me: Tried to explain my bank statement but she said im sorry you dont have enough funds so i cannot approve your visa. with heavy heart i left the embassy.

Observation: my assumption purely

1. VO did not look into my bank solvency certificate, instead she went through my bank statement, where the FDR amounts are not reflected in the ending balance.
2. She had genuine intention to approve my visa my interview lasted nearly 10 mins however above i have just wrote down what i remember and key points, but as she saw the ending balance in my account which did not reflect the FDR she had to follow the rules.
3. I said "i have money in my account" i should have said i have money in the form of FDR.

As i could read the VO's intent i was convinced that if i try immediately i might get my visa approved so with the same papers i scheduled the second interview exactly 18 days later.

Interview 2

Counter 4

VO: Caucasian Male of age 35-40 years

Me: good Morning, this is my second time here, how are you?
VO: Hi, im good, i can see you have come back quickly?
Me: smiling, yes, and began to pass my papers?
VO: Why did you choose this university?
Me: well i have a colleague to went to this university, she told me about it, then i checked on their site and a few others found it to be a good school and applied.
VO: ohhh.. so you are working.. where do you work?
Me: told him about my organisation.
VO: Ohhh really!! (recognised my company immediately) Well they are huge and they are really doing well.
Me: yes we have been working to improve the lives of people (said the official statement of my organisation, also told them about we have us investors :P)
VO: So why do you want to go for masters?
Me: Told him that the sector im working in is a new sector which is growing exponentially and a few industry related data as well as how peoples lives are affected by our product and how it is helping them. And i want to come back after the masters, then i would have good opportunities at my disposal.
VO: Nods and agrees with me and says he has heard only positive things about our company.
Me: Did you try out our product?
VO: says no i really didnt get the chance but i think i will.
Me: told him, he should and told him where he can use our products.
VO: Where did you go to school here?
Me: Told him about my university here?
VO: Where did you do your SSC HSC?
Me: I did, o-levels and a-levels, from school (name)
VO: Ohhh.. recognised the name of my school and recalls where it is located.
VO: Well, you are a solid candidate my only concern is about your funding for the first year of your study, and you have a history of going to expensive schools.
Me: laughs... well schools are expensive and i dont consider them as expenses, rather i consider it as an investment. I have USD 37K as FDR in my account, showed him my Bank Solvency.
VO: great..... looks into the document, says "can you liquidate the fund anytime, do you have to give any penalty?
Me: yes i can use the money anytime, and there is no penalty to it, i will just lose the interests earned agains the FDR if i liquidate the fund before maturity.
VO: great.....starts typing in the computer for about 30 seconds.
VO: Well, i am approving your visa congratulations, heres the details, you will get an email when your passport is ready for pickup. Stamps my DS-160 with a seal "Your visa has been APPROVED"
Me: Thank you, merry christmas and happy new year.
VO: Happy new year!!

1. VO read the points noted by the previous VO
2. He knew about my company and was well aware about it, also knew about my schools, so this again played positive for me.

1. Be precise about what you say, first time i got refused because instead of saying FDR i said bank account and she got confused about the ending balance, so my suggestion would be make sure you have a separate FDR statement incase your money is in FDR.
2. Try to understand if the VO is interested to give you the VISA, for me it was easy because i deal with a lot of interviews and i intuitively know when an interviewer has the intention to give the chance. then again, VO also gave me the specific reason why she is refusing me the VISA, this is technically a 214(b) rejection, however, she gave me the exact reason.
3. Fill the DS-160 carefully, they will only ask you questions from there.
4. Smile.