Can u pls evaluate my profile
BE Mechanical- 56.8%
GRE 310- Q 157, V-153 AWA 3.0
TOEFL-93- R-24, L-26, S-20, W-23
Decent extracurricular,
I have work experience of 2 yrs in Purchase/supply chain and manufacturing ( It is relevant, but still hoping it would count )
A decent project to show

I have got these universities from my counselor
Cleveland State University
Clemson University
State University of New York - Binghamton
Mississippi State University
New Mexico State University
Oklahoma State University
Northern Illinois University
University of Houston
University of Missouri - Columbia
University of Oklahoma
University of Texas - Arlington
Western Michigan University
Wichita State University
Texas Tech University

How good these unis are?

Also, can u suggest if following universities will be apt for me or not; I will be applying to 8-10 universities only.
SUNY Buffalo
Northeastern Univ
North Carolina State Univ
University of Illinois Chicago
Univ Of Massachusetts At Amherst
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rutgers State University

In addition to these, pls suggest univ apt for me

Also i m interested in doing job after completion of Masters and not research; pls consider this.
How good is my profile? From which unis i can expect the acceptance- ranking wise.?

Thanks in advance, Its a long questionnaire