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Thread: Urgent needed help on GPA.....!!!

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    Urgent needed help on GPA.....!!!


    I need to apply Cleavland and Georgia Tech for Master admissions, they are asking GPA, how can I get the GPA grade, please advice me.
    I am applying for MECH Engg

    Thank you so much in advance for your reply..!


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    Mar 2012
    I presume you are asking this question because your college does not give GPA, but gives percentage as your final score. In that case, just convert your percent score (i.e. score out of 100) to score out of 4 (or 10, if they allow that). This is a simple unitary method question (actually GPA is more complex that all this, but for your purposes this would suffice).
    If this is not what what you asked for, then please elucidate your question so that I can give a more informed answer.

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