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Thread: Magoosh GMAT Premium Account to SELL

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    Magoosh GMAT Premium Account to SELL

    Hello everyone!

    I have purchased a premium Magoosh GMAT account to prepare myself for the GMAT test obviously and I bought it in September. But since I have changed my mind and I am not going to use my account. Although you have the ability to reset everything on Magoosh account but I have to say that I didn't use it at all apart from watching the first 10 introductory videos. The account will be valid until September 2015 (10 months from now) and I will make a discount. PM or email me at behnam_sh83 [at] yahoo [dot] com if you are interested.


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    PM me please. I am unable to PM you! I am interested in the account!

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    Am selling off my Magoosh Premium Account for $75 - Validity 6 months
    Contact me at

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