Name: Sumanta Kar
College National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
Field of Interest: Tissue engineering and Biomaterials
Degree Goal: PhD
GPA: B.Tech (7.77/10) (West Bengal University of Technology) + M.Tech (7.84/10 till second semester) (National Institute of Technology, Rourkela)
GRE: 305(V-149 & Q-156, AWA 3)
IELTS: 7 (L-8, R-7, W-6, S-6)

Tentative Universities:
Cleveland State University (PhD Applied Biomedical Engineering),University of Akron (PhD Biomedical Engineering),North Dakota State University (PhD Materials and Nanotechnology) ,Louisiana Tech University (PhD Molecular Science and Nanotechnology) ,University of South Dakota (PhD Biomedical Engineering)

Two summer internships (during undergrad) MRD Life Sciences Pvt Ltd, Lucknow, India (1 month)
SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd, West Bengal, India (15 Days)

Academic Projects:
1. Study of Adsorption and desorption of m-Cresol using activated charcoal
Location: Heritage Institute Of Technology, West Bengal.
Period: July 2012- May 2013
2. Enhancing bioactivity and hemocompatibilty of commercially pure Titanium by heat treatment
Location: National Institute Of Technology, Rourkela.
Period: May 2014- July 2014
3. Study of physicochemical, in vitro biological and mechanical properties of chitosan-nanohydroxyapatite-montmorillonite composite for bone tissue engineering.
Location: National Institute Of Technology, Rourkela.
Period: ongoing

Publications: No research publications yet.

Miscellaneous activities:
1. Participated in a 2 days robotics workshop organized by ARK Technologies in association with “GREATSTEP, IIT KHARAGPUR” at Heritage Institute of Technology in March 2010.
2. Participated in poster presentation in 2nd International Conference on Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (ICTERM-2013) at National Institute of Technology, Rourkela in November, 2013.