Hi all
Please evaluate my profile
I am planning to do Masters in VLSI/Embedded Systems from ECE department.
UG- B.Tech in Electronics and Communication from NIT Kurukshetra
CGPA: 8.847/10
GRE: 320 Q-167, V-153, awa- 3.5
TOEFL: 110 (reading-27, listening-28, speaking-28, writing-27)
Applying in ECE for VLSI/Embedded Systems/Robotics
SOP: Still writing
1. from HOD
2. from German Professor (mentor during my internship in Germany)
3. from DRDO Scientist (mentor during internship)
Initial list of Universities
1. University of Southern California
2. University of Texas, Austin
3. Georgia Tech
4. Penn State
5. Arizona State University
6. University of Minnesota Twin City
7. North Carolina State University
8. State University of New York, Buffalo
9. University of California Berkeley
10. Carnegie Mellon University
11. University of California, Los Angeles
12. University of California, San Diego
13. University of Florida
14. TAMU
15. Purdue University
16. University of California, Santa Barbara
17. Cornell University
18. University of Texas at Dallas
19. Ohio State
20. Iowa State
Work Experience:
will be of 1 year in July 2015. Working with Reliance Jio on 4G communications.
Did a research project on automated vehicles in Germany for 2.5 months. It was fully funded by DAAD under DAAD WISE program.
Did internship from DRDO, Delhi. It was related to semiconductors.
Presented a paper in National Seminar.
Other Projects:
Handwriting recognition
Remote Controlled Wireless Robot using PIC micro controller.
Mobile controlled Electrical appliances
Remote controlled wireless car.
Please evaluate my profile and suggest some other universities if i missed some other universities good for VLSI.

Thank you for your consideration.