F1 Visa approved at Mumbai for healthcare administration at stratford university.
GRE: 288
Academics: 50.6 % BBA
MS in healthcare administration
stratford university , Virginia
US-consulate Mumbai- 8.00 am Slot
date- 06/10/2014
Hello Guys,
I got visa approved for spring 2015. No single document checked other than I-20 and Passport.

I reached Mumbai US consulate at 7.15am. It was heavily showering.Waited in long Q outside the consulate then allowed to enter inside. After taking fingerprints again had to wait in Q. Then I was directed to stand in front of a counter where a male of 40-45 years was taking a interview for F1 and finally rejected him. Then She gestured me to come near counter.This is how it went....
ME: Good Morning Sir
VO : Good Morning, Pass me your Passport and I-20 please.
ME: (Given)
VO: Which Course you are going for?
ME: I am going to pursue Masters In healthcare administration.
VO: OK. What is your Academic background ?
ME: I Had Completed my Bachelors in Business Administration.
VO: Why did you change your field ?
ME: I worked in a hospital for 10 months.
VO: When did you completed your bachelors?
ME: April 2014.
VO: Then When did you started to working?
ME: I worked during my bachelors.
VO: OK, Where did you hear about this university?
ME: I have a friend studying there and he recommended that faculty and atmosphere for learning is very good at stratford university.
VO: How will you pay your fees?
ME: My father is sponsoring me and I took bank loan from BOI.
VO: What does your father do ?
ME: He is a doctor.
VO: Doctor of What ?
ME: Homeopathy.
VO: OK, I am approving your VISA.
ME: Thank you sir, Thank you so much.

Just be confident And make eye contact during the whole interview. If you lie he will catch you by your facial expression.
Try to interact with other applicant during waiting period for relaxation. Wear Formal dress with tie it will make strong impression on VO.