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Thread: Request you to suggest best universities for my profile GRE 307 ,IELTS 7

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    Request you to suggest best universities for my profile GRE 307 ,IELTS 7


    I got 307 in GRE and 7 in IELTS. I have 4 years experience in TCS. Could you please help shortlist the universities like Ambitious,Safe and moderate.

    Sunny Buffalo University
    University of illinois Chicago
    University of Arizona
    University of Texas at Dallas
    Georgia State University
    University of Cincinnati
    University of Michigan
    Oklahama State University
    University of Maryland


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    Better if you could have mentioned your Graduation Grades/percentage, anyway in my opinion

    Sunny Buffalo University: mod
    University of illinois Chicago : Ambi
    University of Arizona : Ambi
    University of Texas at Dallas:Mod, Low Chance
    Georgia State University: Safe
    University of Cincinnati:ambi
    University of Michigan :ambi,Dream option
    Oklahama State University:ambi
    University of Maryland: ambi, Dream option

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