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Thread: FALL 2015 | MS Comp Science| GRE - 316 |TOEFL -102 | CGPA - 8.93/10 | BVBCET(VTU)

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    FALL 2015 | MS Comp Science| GRE - 316 |TOEFL -102 | CGPA - 8.93/10 | BVBCET(VTU)

    Hi everyone,

    Please evaluate my profile for Masters in Computer Science:

    GRE : 316 -V 153 Q 163 AWA 3.5
    TOEFL : 102
    B.E in ECE : CGPA 8.93/10 (2012 batch)
    Toppers CGPA : 9.5
    PU % : 90.33
    10th %: 88.96

    I have been working in Tata Consultancy Services Limited since October 2012 on Java,Webmethods, Oracle SQL and PLSQL technologies.

    Though I pursued my Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication, I want to pursue my Masters degree in Computer Science out of interest.

    I have shortlisted the following universities :
    1) SUNY Stony Brook
    2) SUNY Buffalo
    3) University of Florida
    4) Arizona State University
    5) University of Southern California
    6) University of Colorado, Boulder
    7) North Carolina State University
    8) University of California—​Santa Cruz
    9) University of California-LA

    I have completed following computer science courses in my undergraduate curriculum
    1)C Programming
    2)Operating Systems
    3)Computer Networks
    4)Software Engineering
    5)Web Technologies
    6)Computer Organization

    I have also completed C, C++, Data Structures and Java courses from a computer training institute.

    I have completed Java SE 6 certification from Oracle.

    In My Final Year Undergraduation Project, I have worked on Android as well

    Want to know your views on my university list and suggestions for other good universities.

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    Hello everyone. Please give your valuable opinions regarding my above post. It will be of great help to me.

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    1) SUNY Stony Brook - mod
    2) SUNY Buffalo - good chance
    3) University of Florida- ambi
    4) Arizona State University- mod
    5) University of Southern California- ambi
    6) University of Colorado, Boulder- mod
    7) North Carolina State University- mod
    8) University of California—​Santa Cruz- ambi
    9) University of California-LA- ambi
    10)TAMU- ambi

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    only one Uni.of texsas at Dallas
    pankajladani at gmail

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    Thank you very much for casting your opinions.

    Can you guys suggest me some more universities that can fall under Safe/Mod category for my profile??

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