Hello there I am a newbie,I would like to aim for Spring 2013 and I would like to know some details ,my queries are as follows

1)any top universities(preferably state ones ) in US offering 1 year MS in Embedded systems and if yes are these equivalent with 2 years program from other Universities.

2)job prospects/placements in US after completion of MS in Embedded systems

3)I intend to join coaching in Bangalore any good institutes - i have been visiting TIME,CL,IMS,Jamboree etc ..for past 2 months.

I would like to know the scores of such universities so that I can prepare well.
Also the reason I am looking for 1year program is because I am now 30 and was gaining experience in Embedded systems for past 4 years in Embedded domain,do you think its too late and would age be some kind of hindrance for MS ?.

Please reply

Sincere Thanks