Hello Everyone,

I am applying for MS in Mechanical in Fall 2015. I have written my GRE and TOFEL. Below are my scores.

Total: 321
Quant 166
Verbal: 155
AWA: 2.5

Total 100
Reading 26
Listening 30
Speaking 19
Writing 25

Mechanical Engineering Percentatge 61% (including all semesters)
My University gave me Second class and based on only last 4 semesters.

Work Experience: 4 years (at end of Sep 2014)

I have selected the following universities. Could you please rate them on the chances of getting in and suggest any good colleges which I may have missed.

Ohio State University
Michigan State university
University of Florida
Pennsylvania State University
North Carolina State university
Clemson University
Arizona State university

Do I have a shot at the following:
Texas A&M University
Purdue university

Also I wanted to know if my low AWA in GRE is compensated by the writing score in TOFEL.