Guys i really need help with evaluating my profile...

3 yrs BSC with over all 58%... graduated in 2010
Never had any Backlogs
Started working in the Middle East as a Supply chain Analyst (Buyer, Procurement & Logistics) from 2010 Dec to 2014 June..
Went their on Project Basis, through a company based in India..

Now i have come back to India for good to pursue MBA..

I did not give GRE or GMAT any shot...
I have written IELTS and secured 6.0 Bands.

Went to a consultancy with this profile ..

She said she would apply me for 1 university only i.e., University of Findlay and promised an i20.

Also mentioned the success rate of visa is too high for the same university..

However.. my father and mother both work in the GCC region..

Would this be any negative impact for my Visa interview ?

> I have worked in the ME for 4 years and i have come back now..
> Parents also work abroad , so V.O might think even i would plan to work in USA..

How do i manage here or justify the situation??

Thanks in advance..

PS.,Please PM in person if you are applying to the same university by any chance..