I am planning to apply for MS in Embedded Systems.
Here's my brief profile :

GRE: 318 (Q:165, V:153, AWA:4)
TOEFL: 100 (R:29, L:21, S:22, W:28)

Completed B.Tech.(2008-12) in Electronics and Communication Engineering
National Institute of Technology(NIT), Kurukshetra
CGPA : 9.1939/10

12th board(CBSE): 90.4% (2008)
10th board(CBSE): 95.2% (2006)

No research paper or publications.

Work experience: 2 years 4 months
Samsung R&D Institute India, Delhi (July 2012 - Present)
Senior Software Engineer
Code development and defect fixing related to Video Enhancement in High Definition TVs and evolution kits (all Full HD and Ultra HD models).
Team Lead and Code Reviewer of my module in India.
2 trips to Samsung HQ, Suwon, South Korea for training and work.

1. Course on PIC microcontrollers and PCB designing(2010) with certification.
2. Internship at Alcatel Lucent, Gurgaon related to Mobile Communication(2011) with certification.

My list of Universities :

1.Arizona State University
2.Texas A&M
3.The University of Texas at Austin
4.University of Wisconsin–Madison
5.University of California, Irvine
6.University of pennsylvania
7.Carnegie Mellon University
8.Georgia Tech
9.University of California, San Diego
10.University of California, Santa Barbara
11.University of Maryland, College Park
12.University of Massachusetts Amherst
13.Columbia University
14.Iowa State University
15.Okland University
16.Penn State University
17.UC - Boulder
18.UNC Charlotte
19.Utah State University
20.Virginia Tech

Please hlp me shortlist some moderate and safe universities.
Do tell me if I missed some important university.
Please advise me if some of these are overly ambitious and if I should replace them with ones I have better chance in.