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Thread: Need some serious HELP!!! Skeptical about taking an MS in Biomedical Engg

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    Need some serious HELP!!! Skeptical about taking an MS in Biomedical Engg

    Hi All,
    I did my BE in Electronics and wish to do MS in Biomedical Engg (from US) as I have an inclination towards clinical/medical subjects, concepts, products etc and the engineering around it .Currently I have close to 1.5 yrs of work experience in a reputed company in the healthcare domain. I am a little skeptical about taking up a career as a Biomedical engineer. It'll be of great help if any of you could give some info on my questions/concerns regarding the career in this particular field-

    1- How is the job availability for Biomedical engineers who have finished their MS in BME as per the current job market(especially for freshers)?
    2-What are the different kind of jobs a fresher gets after the completion of the course in the present job market scenario?
    3-BME is a research oriented field and research requires lot of experience. Are there ample opportunities for the freshers to get a researcher job? Atleast as interns/junior researchers?
    4-Even if there are interns/junior researcher positions for freshers, is the pay good enough to repay our education loan? Because US universities are quite expensive and the average tuition fee alone will be around , say, 30-40 lakhs(rough figure).
    5- Some articles/blogs say that BME has got a lot of scope especially in countries like US where as others say that there are not much jobs in the field and that . What is the actual scenario?
    6- I tried searching for jobs online for BME's in US. All I could find (with my limited search) are jobs for people with experience or jobs as Lab technicians and service engineers.
    7- Question related to work permit/visa-Even if we manage to get jobs, will the employer take care of our work permit/Visa or do the employers expect us to have the permit while they recruit us?

    Because of the above concers/questions, I am still not able to decide whether to go for the course or no. Please do respond/reply/comment. Any kind of suggestions/info from anyone who reading this post is appreciated. I am hoping this discussion would help other aspirants as well.


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    Hi.. Any updates on this??

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