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Thread: University Selection for Fall-2015

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    University Selection for Fall-2015


    My profile:
    GRE: 310 (Q-163,V-147)
    TOEFL:yet to take
    BS in CS, GPA: 2.77/4.0
    Experience: 3+ years as a mobile application developer

    I have selected the following universities for MS

    University of Texas at Arlington
    Clemson University
    University of Kentucky
    Temple University
    West Virginia University
    Texas Tech University
    University of Louisiana--Lafayette
    University of Louisville
    University of Memphis
    Louisiana Tech University
    University of Texas at El Paso
    University of Texas at San Antonio
    Lamar University
    Portland State University
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas
    Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

    Can anybody help me to shortlist this universities or suggest any other universities where I can expect funding for MS?


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    University of Texas at Arlington- mod
    Clemson University- safe
    University of Kentucky - safe
    Temple University- safe
    West Virginia University- mod
    Texas Tech University- safe
    University of Louisiana--Lafayette- mod
    University of Louisville- mod
    University of Memphis- mod
    Louisiana Tech University- safe
    University of Texas at El Paso- safe
    University of Texas at San Antonio- safe
    Lamar University- safe
    Portland State University- safe
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas- mod
    Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville- safe

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