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Thread: Profile Evaluation for MS in USA, Fall 2015

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    Profile Evaluation for MS in USA, Fall 2015

    Hi Altruists,

    This is Imtiaz from Bangladesh. I intend to pursue my MS in USA(Fall 2015). My complete profile is as follows:

    Undergrad CGPA: 3.86(>85%, 21st in my class)
    Institution: Islamic University of Technology(IUT), Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Concentration/Major: EEE
    GRE: 148-Verbal, 150-Quant, 3.0-AWA
    IELTS: 7.0(L-6.5, R-7.5, W-6.5, S-8.0)
    Journal Publications: 2
    Job Experience: 1+ year in a Telecom Operator, Bangladesh
    Preferred MS field: Telecommunication, Renewable/Sustainable Energy Technology, Biomedical Engineering

    To be noted that, my family is going to shift in New York, USA within 2years. Also, I have an aunt living in Detroit, Michigan State. So my inclination is to pursue my MS in New York or Michigan or at least near these two states. Based on my profile provided above, please suggest me some prospective unis where I can get a scholarship.

    Thanks & Regards.

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    Hi All,

    My cousin stays in Florida she is married and holding a H4 visa. She wants to finish off the m.s in 1 year and in good college near Florida

    GRE - NO
    IELTS - waitifing for result
    degrees - B.E in Bioinformatics and PGDB in Banking

    1) H4 to F1
    2) Finish quickly in 1 yr
    3) Medium fee range
    4) If possible in and around Florida or can be any where in u.s
    5) If possible a good college that gives CPT after like 6 months

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