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Thread: Should i retake GRE ?

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    Should i retake GRE ?

    Yesterday I gave GRE

    Score : 307
    V-145 Q-162
    TOEFL-yet to give

    I expected 165+ in quant but ended up getting 162 as quant was a bit tough than expected.I am planning to apply for MS in CS for fall 2015.
    Is the score good enough to get into a good university or should i retake GRE?

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    Oct 2014
    It is not so obvious to differ by a score of +-3 in GRE, given the condition you haven't taken TOEFL; it is not wise to take GRE again, rather concentrate on your SOP(at least a month is needed to draft a strong SOP) also concentrate on TOEFL to back your GRE verbal, so that you can apply well before deadlines.

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    I second Lamrin's reply

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