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Thread: Masters in Robotics for Fall 2015

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    Masters in Robotics for Fall 2015

    Hello Guys,

    Please find my profile below:

    GRE - 303 (quant - 157, verbal - 146, awa - 3.5)
    Toefl - 100 - 80% (Electrical and electronics engineering)
    projects and papers in filed of robotics.

    Work exp - 3 years in filed of robotics.

    I can be recommended by some top players in the field of robotics (world wide)
    so definitely a plus in LOR's.

    I want to pursue masters in robotics, Can you Please suggest me which universities in US offer masters in robotics.
    and which universities can give admission for my profile.

    Many Thanks in Advance.

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    best Universities for Robotics

    Hi, you have a good profile, especially work experience. Exactly what was your job? was it in software side or hardware side?
    Following are some of the best Universities for Robotics : -
    CMU, University of Pennsylvania, USC, UC berkeley, UC SZ, Cal Tech.

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    Normally GRE score of 303 is too low for CMU, Caltech etc.. but in your case, since you have work exp, they may consider you. Depends on how relevant your work exp is to the course

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