Dear Reader,

I am planning my MIS for 2015-Fall. I have 2.5 years of IT experience as .net (c#) programming developer and 8.28 GPA from R.V College of engineering Bangalore in Telecommunication stream.
I have opted GRE during this November.
Questions :
1)What would be the ideal scores required for TOEFL and GRE to get admitted into top tier universities in US?
2)I am interested in MIS-Marketing and want to know the scope of this course.
3) If not MIS-Marketing, what are the other auspicious alternatives available?
4)As I have opted GRE during NOV, am i late for this Fall?

I am new to this forum and also possess very little knowledge about Universities. Please guide me by dropping your valuable experience and ...

Thanks in advance and well wishes for all applicants.
Gautam Ravi