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Thread: Fall 2015 | MS | MIS or Analytics| GMAT-580, Q48, V21| 32 months work ex

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    Fall 2015 | MS | MIS or Analytics| GMAT-580, Q48, V21| 32 months work ex

    Hello All,

    Kindly evaluate my Profile for MS in Business Analytics or MIS.

    GMAT - 580(q-48, v-21, AWA- 4.5, IR-5)
    Toefl - yet to take (Expecting 95+)

    -B.Tech in Bioinformatics(2012 passed out) from Vellore Institute of Technology(VIT University)
    -CGPA - 8.41/10 (Topper 9.2)(no backlogs)

    10th - 84.5%
    12th - 80.46%

    UG B.Tech Project - I got selected to do my undergraduation final semester project under Semester Abroad Program from University of Coimbra(one of the world's oldest university), coimbra, Portugal.I did a project named as 'Automated Construction and Analysis of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Autoxidation Reaction Networks', in which I worked on 'Mathematica' Software

    Job Experience -
    Working for Accenture Services Private Limited India, Working as a Quality Analyst, Leading the Team of 4 members from Offshore. I will have 32 months of Experience before I leave for MS in Fall 2015.

    LORs -
    -from an internationally recognized professor from university of Coimbra - strong
    - Project Manager of Accenture - Strong
    - Undergrad professor - Mod

    Extracurricular - Represented University Cricket Team for 4 years in several national level cricket tournaments.

    Certification - ISTQB cleared
    Planning to opt for a certification in Analytics field before I apply to unis.

    Based on Preliminary search , I have shortlisted following universities

    1. University of Southern California - MS in Business Analytics
    2. University of Cincinnati - MS in Business Analytics
    3. University of Connecticut - MS in Business Analytics and Project Management
    4. University of South Florida - MS in MIS
    5. Louisiana State University - MS in Analytics
    6. Arizona State University - MS in Business Analytics
    7. University of San Francisco - MS in Analytics
    8. Bentley University - MS in Marketing Analytics
    9. University of Tennessee - MS in Business Analytics

    Kindly Evaluate my profile and suggest safe-mod-ambi universities for above mentioned ones and others as well.


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    first of all i hope that u know that scholarships are negligible in MS in BA. scholarship of 2-3k when fees is 50k is not counted as scholarship. USC and USF do this a lot.

    once u know that make up ur mind about MS in BA.
    MS in BA is an awesome course with huge scope.

    Ur profile looks great ( though i have never seen low percentages/CCGA from south indian colleges especially VIT) - chakkar kya hai ye ???

    also i have no idea about GMAT cos GRE is pretty widely accepted rather almost everywhere (blame ETS - they want to replace GMAT completely with GRE)

    Looking at ur profile i can say most unis u have listed will give u admission so why not add some really good ones.

    University of Texas Austin and NCSU MS in BA are really good program. costly and hard to get in but have superb value and great placement. NO ON CAMPUS JOBS ... CLASSES 9-5 DAILY. slightly ambi for u.

    from ur list remove university of south florida (no need of so many safe and well i am assuming u will look to MS in BA)

    Go to NCSU BA page and look at their placement report .. BRACE FOR IMPACT

    USC is highly ranked and awesome university but is rondikulous costly.

    Also in my opinion look for programs that are in STEM.

    Bently has MS in Marketing analytics as well as MS in BA .. but in my opinion its better to go for MS in BA ( but u will get better uni anyway)

    LSU is also very good .. same course as NCSU (placement are good) kinda safe for ur profile (may be slightly moderate) BUT NO ON CAMPUS JOBS CLASSES 9-5 DAILY.

    Uconn is one of the cheapest (25k only against 40k of most). is in stem and has good curriculum. but has a Batch size of 120-140 definately safe for u.


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