I am a 23 year old, 2012 B.Tech Bioinformatics graduate from Amity University.
Although, In B.Tech I have done 2 internships in JAVA programming in Software companies, and 1 project on Databases in JNU, Delhi due to my interest in Computers.
I have also been on an International Volunteer Program where I worked on a Global Community Development Project, in Belgium.
I was also Vice President and member of this International Student Organisation called AIESEC in our City for about 2 years and have travelled across Europe attending Leadership Seminars and conferences during my volunteer term.(I never went back to take a letter from here but it can be managed).
Post my graduation I started working as a junior software developer and after 2 years of work I have recently quit my job hoping to pursue my MS in MIS starting Fall 2015. To be honest, my family would only permit me to work, if I get a decently paying job whose chances seem bleak to me in India. AND I have grown absolutely disinterested towards the field of Bioinformatics.

My GRE and TOEFL are scheduled in about a month.

And I have been scoring about 312-315 on the Princeton Review, Kaplan and ETS tests. And I am expecting 100+ on TOEFL.

My CGPA in B.tech is 8.45. (As per University standards it should be equated to 84%; otherwise it turns to 72%)
10- 88%
12- 80.8% (PCB + Information Practices)

I am getting quite nervous as I'm targeting for a much higher GRE score; which hasn't been improving.

Is it possible for me to find a decent University given my profile and GRE score?

PLEASE, evaluate my profile and comment.

P.S. Thanks for reading such a long message in advance.