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Thread: Can a candidate with "Masters" in india go for MS in CS in USA ?

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    Can a candidate with "Masters" in india go for MS in CS in USA ?

    The reason for me asking in the forum is that i have some doubts over this after i visited some consultants. So here is my profile first

    MCA-65%-2006(7 backlogs )
    7 years of work exp
    GRE-Toefl planning to take in nov as am planning for fall 2015.

    Now with the aim of securing some information on the deadlines and scholarships etc went to few consultants. They straight away told me that i will have a problem with VISA since i have all ready done MCA(masters) and am planning to go to US for MS-CS again which is a masters. i asked then that the US varsities was not accepting 15 years education candidates way back in 2003 so i had to do my masters since doing a diploma was not advisable back then and was not accepted also. But even then those guys were like still u will have a problem. Here i do not understand one thing i have followed what the universities were following back then when 15 years was not acceptable for MS. Now why should that be a problem. when i have proper credentials and good work exp in the field of s/w. So a feed back on this issue would be greatly appretiated which would inturn help me in applying for US.



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    hello frd,
    yes candidate with "Masters" in india can go for MS in CS in USA ..for more information just check out..********** this site you will get all the information..

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