Hi, I attended the US B1/B2 Visa interview couple of weeks before and my visa application got rejected for 214b reason, Interview asked me only few question, he not even asked my client invitation letter. Is I need to show the letter even if he doesn't asks me ? he asked the below mentioned questions to me

How ever been to US?
Ans : No

Wat is purpose of Visit?
Ans : I sd I am going there to meet my client face to face to attend business meeting and for training. I also involved in transition of new process to our India team

how long u gonna stay there ?
3 weeks

How old are you?
23 yrs old

In which comp you are working ?
XXX comp ( start up comp)

How long you are working there?
13 months

Are you married ?

Wats your annual income here?
3 lakhs per annum

He then rejected my application, Its really frustrating , I worked very hard for this opportunity, I am yet to find the reason for my rejection. Can any one tell me the reason for rejection? so, that I will correct myself next time wen i go for the interview. Thanks for your help !!!!