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Thread: Profile evaluation for MS-CS,IT,IS,MIS

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    Profile evaluation for MS-CS,IT,IS,MIS


    Below is my Profile:

    Field of Interest: Computer Science, Computer networking
    GRE: 320 [Q-170,V-150,W-3.5]
    TOEFL: yet to take
    B.TECH in ECE from LNMIIT,Jaipur
    GPA: 7.7/10

    Summer Internship : Ericsson
    Currently working as System Engineer in TCS - 2 years experience

    Kindly rate the chances I have of getting into the below universities. Also, please add additional universities that I should consider.
    University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign
    SUNY Buffalo
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    SUNY Stony Brook
    University of Florida
    University of Maryland--College Park (Clark)
    Texas A&M University--College Station (Look)
    North Carolina State University
    Arizona State University
    University of Texas--Dallas
    Ohio state university
    state university of utah
    University of Minnesota
    University of Illinois--Chicago


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    UCLA- ambi
    • University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign- ambi
    • SUNY Buffalo- admit
    • Georgia Institute of Technology- dream
    • SUNY Stony Brook- mod
    • University of Florida- ambi
    • University of Maryland--College Park (Clark)- ambi
    • Texas A&M University--College Station (Look)- ambi
    • North Carolina State University- mod
    • Arizona State University- good chance
    • University of Texas--Dallas- good chance
    • Ohio state university- low chance
    • state university of utah- mod
    • University of Minnesota - ambi
    • University of Illinois--Chicago- admit

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