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Thread: GRE:323{V:162,Q:161, AWA:4.5}|CGPA:77.8%|MS in MIS

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    GRE:323{V:162,Q:161, AWA:4.5}|CGPA:77.8%|MS in MIS

    Name : Apratim Mukherjee
    GRE Total : 323 (Verbal : 162, Quant : 161, AWA : 4.5)
    TOEFL : 114 (Reading : 28, Listening : 27, Speaking : 29, Writing : 30)
    UG : B. Tech in ECE from West Bengal University of Technoloogy
    CGPA : 77.8 % (no backlogs)
    Work Ex : 3 years as a software developer/ analyst in Cognizant Technology Solutions in the Retail &
    Consumer Goods domain
    Worked Mostly on Oracle Retail product suite : Retail Merchandizing Systems, Merchandise Financial
    Planning, Retail Demand Forecasting
    Worked for clients such as Family Dollar Stores, Belk, Landmark Group.

    Projects : Vocational Training on Television Broadcast & Engineering from Doordarshan, India.

    Extra Curricular : London College Of Music certified Grade 4 Classical Guitar Player
    Music Teacher in Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Ashok Hall Group Of Schools & South
    Point High School.
    Regular Perfoming musician in renowned city venues. (Kolkata, India)
    Secured 2nd position in Y Factor Debate : "MEDIA LOSING SOCIAL RELEVANCE" at NSHM
    Knowlegdge Campus

    I am looking at an MS degree in MIS with a preferred specialization in Business Intellegence & Data Anaytics/Cybersecurity/Supply Chain & Logistics.
    Please assist by providing a list of Universtities as per my qualifications especially ones which :

    1. Provide financial aid of any form. (stipends, TA, RA, etc)
    2. Have good job opportunities (Off/On Campus)

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    Profile Evaluation MIS


    I also have a very similar profile,
    GRE 322
    TOEFL 111
    4.5 years of IT experience in TCS, Tibco, IBM
    Graduation: 80%
    Training in Appin Knowledge Solutions in Embedded systems and in Doordarshan during summer breaks.

    I have short listed following univ:
    1. CMU
    2. TAMU
    3. Univ of Washington
    4. Univ of Cincinnati
    5. Indiana Univ
    5. Univ at Buffalo - Not very preferable as it is not STEM and placement is not 100%

    Don't have much idea about scholarships/TA/GA chances. I also need info about the same.

    Please let me know if following univ should be kept in list:
    1. Univ of Minnesota twin cities (here it is not MIS , it is MS in business analytics)
    2. Univ of Houston clear lake
    3. Duke Univ (here MIS is not there, MEM is present)

    Can someone let me know if MEM and MS in Business Analytics have good placements in these colleges??

    Neetika Mittal

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    IF u guys are looking for MS in business analytics than forget funding/TA/RA

    Most courses have classes morning to evening 5 days a week and they doesnt allow on campus either cos of tight schedule.

    Best would be North carolina state university whose placements are competing harvards MBA grads
    2nd would be University of texas Austin. same type as NCSU
    3rd best would be LSU.
    All three are only 1 year program and cant be extended furthur.

    they all have bombshell of a placement.

    If u want the usual 3/4 class a week type schedule u need to look at MIS program but packages offered are less with lesser growth cos they are not pure Business analysis course.
    Some universities do have MS in BA with options to choose to courses (Uconn etc.) and placement are good as Analytics is a booming field but not as good as the 3 mentioned above.

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