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Thread: Fall 2015 ME,EE or CS(Robotics,Mechatronics or AI)

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    Fall 2015 ME,EE or CS(Robotics,Mechatronics or AI)

    Test Scores:

    GRE: 311 (Verbal: 149, Quantitative: 162, AWA: 3)
    TOEFL: yet to appear

    B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
    West Bengal University of Technology, India, 2012

    GPA – 7.67 out of 10
    Work Experience:

    Programmer Analyst and Web Developer
    Cognizant Technology Solution
    April, 2013 – March, 2014

    Conference Attended:
    Attended a 2 Days ACEEE International Conference on “Recent Trends in Communication and Computer Networks 2013” (ComNet 2013), held at Hyderabad on 8-9th November and presented a research paper on “Autonomous Grabber Robot with Obstruction Detection and Path Finding Capability”.

    Journal Papers:
    Autonomous Grabber Robot with Obstruction Detection And Path Finding Capability
    -- [Book - Advances in Engineering and Technology Series, ISSN No.: 2214-0344, Volume No.: 7,
    Page No.: 115-124]

    Any Suggestion ?
    I have selected few like Texas at Dallas, Univ. of Oklahoma, Michigan State Univ.

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    Hey Dipayan,

    I am a 2013 passout of B.Tech who would be applying for next fall in Robotics as well.
    Co-incidentally, our profiles are decently colse to each other, apart from the papers, where you leed by leeps and bounds.

    Firstly, are you applying for MS in Robotics or MS in Mechanical and would take us Robotic courses ?

    I am willing o pursue MS in Robotics, and here are the Univs that I have short listed for now. 4 of them offer MS in Robotics.
    ---> Worchester Polytechnic Institute, MA
    ---> Oregon State University
    ---> University of Utah, Salt lake
    ---> Northwestern University, IL
    ---> Univ of Minnesota, Twin Cities (MS in Mechanical )

    Do you have any idea on these univs and programs. Hope this might help. I havent looked at UTD, Oklahoma and Michigan State has a very good Robotics lab/program is Im not wrong.
    Im not considering that as my profile isnt likely to be getting an admit from Michi.

    - Do share your thoughts, or suggestions hich could help me. Thanks!

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    @ rajiv..
    university of penn is the best

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    I found oregon state and Univ of Utah best for my level, they have good robotics program. and what srijesh is saying is for IIT or NIT level student. Carnegie mellon has the best robotics program in the nation.

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