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Thread: E&C to Computer Science

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    Question E&C to Computer Science

    Educational Background: BE in Electronics & Communications Engineering.
    Work Experience : 2 years in information security(Development in C under unix platform) at an MNC.
    My academic curriculum had C++, Network security, Information coding and theory as subjects.
    I am interested in pursuing masters in specialization areas of Computer science.
    I am yet to give my GRE. Before that I wanted to know if computer science departments of Universities consider such applications given my ECE undergrad background.
    My research through university websites revealed the common requirements for MS in CS as :
    "A bachelor's degree (BA / BS / BE) in computer science or a related technical field (e.g., electrical and computer engineering, information science, operations research) typically suffices. Applicants who have majored in other fields are absolutely encouraged to apply provided they have demonstrated knowledge".

    Since I am not sure if my E&C comes under the related technical field or not,it would help if someone could clarify that.

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    for getting shifted form ece to cse u should have good academic background i maen good performance in is not at all a problem for shifting from ece to cse. if u have done any projects it will be plus point for experince also counts.first get good score in gre i.e above 310 because for ms in cse the universities are very some research .

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