Hello guys,

My profile is as follows:

Bachelors in mechanical Engineering with 86.53% final grade (Gold Medal).
IELTS of 7.0 (From 2013, Have to write again i guess)
GRE 1060 (Q=790, V=270)
2 Papers and lots of extra curricular activities and a Project in NTPC.

Currently doing my Masters in Production Management from Hamburg university of Technology, Germany.
Also an Internship at Mercedes-Benz in Quality Management
Certified in SAP as associate consultant for SAP-ERP

I will be finishing my master studies with thesis by March - 2015. I want to have a backup plan in case if i do not get a job immediately after my masters here in Germany. Getting a H1B visa is difficult without finding a JOB in US. So another possibility is doing a Master's course within an year and then doing a job in US (which is quite easier than in Germany and with contacts very easy).

I have an option in mind: Masters in Lean Manufacturing from Kettering University. I have a friend over there who is doing his masters in automotive and gave a good feedback about the university. I need feedback on this scenario from you guys.

Do suggest some universities for Fall-2015 with a course duration of 1-1.5 years (although Masters in US can be wrapped up in upto 1 year duration). Will be grateful for your suggestions.

Thank you in advance !!