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Thread: Admission to Spring 2015 in CS | GRE 319 | TOEFL 111

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    Admission to Spring 2015 in CS | GRE 319 | TOEFL 111

    Hi All,

    I have a few queries regarding admission for MS in CS (professional) in the United States for Spring 2015. My profile is as follows:

    10th: 80%
    12th (Science Major): 66%
    UG (BE in Telecommunication Engg, Atria Inst of Tech, 2012): 74%

    GRE: 319 (QA - 163, VR - 156, AWA - 4)
    TOEFL: 111

    Total Work Experience: 20 Months as of now as a Software Engineer in a Fortune 500 company and an Indian software major
    Professional Achievements: Nominated for Achiever of the Year, 2013; Nominated for Achiever of the Month for the months of Sep and Dec 2013
    Professional Certification: Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer
    Other Achievements: Editor of two books and numerous research articles. Author of a research paper published in an international journal.
    Published papers: 'Internet Access in Remote Areas Using NXP Microcontroller & GSM Modem' in International Journal of Internet Computing (ISSN No: 2231-6965, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 11-15, 2012)

    The universities I am considering are:

    1. Carnegie Mellon University
    2. Cornell University
    3. University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
    4. University of Texas at Austin
    5. University of Washington - Seattle
    6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    7. University of California - Berkeley
    8. Georgia Institute of Technology
    9. California Institute of Technology
    10. University of California - LA
    11. University of California - San Diego
    12. Georgia Institute of Technology
    13. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    14. University of Wisconsin - Madison
    15. University of Southern California
    16. University of Pennsylvania
    17. Illinois Institute of Technology

    I need to shortlist universities from these based on the following questions I have:

    1. Do these universities offer Spring semester for CS?
    2. Which of them are safe and which ones should I be looking to apply?
    3. Are there any other good universities I should be looking at?

    Kindly help me. Thank you in advance.
    Shahid M Zubair
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    Carnegie Mellon University- dream
    2. Cornell University- ambi
    3. University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign- ambi
    4. University of Texas at Austin- ambi
    5. University of Washington - Seattle- ambi
    6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology- ambi
    7. University of California - Berkeley- ambi
    8. Georgia Institute of Technology- ambi
    9. California Institute of Technology- ambi
    10. University of California - LA- ambi
    11. University of California - San Diego- ambi, 50/50 chance
    12. Georgia Institute of Technology-ambi, dont apply twice
    13. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor- ambi
    14. University of Wisconsin - Madison- ambi, 50/50 chance
    15. University of Southern California-mod
    16. University of Pennsylvania-ambi
    17. Illinois Institute of Technology-safe

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