Hi. I am highly disappointed and surprised why none of the top20 univs offer MIS for Spring intake. The Univs i am mentioning are

1] CMU (they only have a 1 year course starting May every year. Also fee is very high)
2] Univ of Michigan - Ann Arbor
4] Univ of.Maryland-College Park
5] UNIV OF Texas - Austin
6] UNIV of Arizona
7] Georgia tech
8] IU-Bloomington

and so on...

The best univ i could find for MIS Spring intake are -

1] Univ of Texas - Dallas (ranking close to 65)
2] Univ of Illionis - Chicago (UIC)
3] UFL

Please guys help me out... Let me know if you know any good (mostly top 30) univs offering MIS in spring