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Thread: Financial documents help required!

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    Exclamation Financial documents help required!


    I'm a newbie at this website so if I'm doing anything wrong please let me know.

    Anyway, my I20 amount for Penn State is ~ $44660

    Available Funds:
    20 Lac - Education loan (PNB)
    11 Lac - Parent's income
    4.5 Lac - LIC Surrender Value
    5-8 Lac - FDR (Parents + Self)
    7 Lac - GPF (MOM)
    5 Lac - PPF (MOM+DAD)
    1.2 Lac - Saving account (Dad)

    A housing property in my mother's name with approx value 17 lakh and another property worth 18 lakh but they're on mortgage for the education loan so don't think they can be considered.

    I've been working for past 20 months and don't have any savings as such. Other than PF I don't think I have anything to show.

    My questions are:
    1) Are my finances sufficient for VI or should I arrange for some more funds?

    2) My dad made a few FD's on my grandmother's name. I know that I can't show her assets as my finances but is there a way around for that? Do I need to make an affidavit or is it sufficient that my dad is a nominee?

    3) My great aunt has a few FD's amounting to approx 3 lakhs. She has my parents as a nominee on them. If I want them to be considered, what should I do?

    Thank you!


    P.S: My VISA interview is scheduled for July 18. So if someone could respond to my queries ASAP, I would be really grateful.

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    Wink Fake Documents Becareful

    Be careful lookat this and take any further action:

    Police on Saturday arrested two persons for fake visa documentation and supplying it to known persons to be produced as genuine documents at the consulate offices of various countries.

    Krishna Kishore Gudia, 39, owner of Visa Solutions, Park Lane, Secunderabad, and resident of West Marredpally, and his associate, B. Durga Ramesh, 42, a resident of Jeedimetla, were collecting amounts ranging from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 from clients for issue of forged documents, police said.

    The duo had been preparing forged bank statements, certificates, rubber stamps, seals of government and non-government officials and affidavits required for students attending interviews at consulates.

    Police have recovered 64 fake stamps, forged bank statements, patta passbooks and 12, 600 empty letterheads of various nationalised banks from the arrested persons.

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    Documents required for Ph.D. in USA


    I have selected by University of Illinois for my Ph.D. programme with funding. My reporting date is 16th January, so by which date I should apply, because I didn't get my I20 documents yet.
    Another thing is, which documents are required, please let me know to be prepared.

    I am working in HYDERABAD, so I am thinking to apply from here, but actually I am from Bihar, so from which place I should apply, and which address should I give for delivery purpose. Sometimes, I think that my elder brother is living in Delhi, so I should apply from there, to get everything right.

    Please, respond as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance!

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