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Thread: F1 Visa Refuse Under 214b and related interpreter in my interview

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    F1 Visa Refuse Under 214b and related interpreter in my interview

    I was appeared on 3rd of July at Mumbai Consulate. I got rejection may I conveyed information not properly to VO. I have applied for University of Bridgeport. I have conditional I-20 of ELI for English proficiency along with MS in computer science. I wanted to give below details about Q&A at consulate:

    VO: Good Morning
    Me: Good Morning
    VO: What's ur plan?
    Me: I would like to pursue MS in Computer Science at University Of Bidgport.
    VO: What's your home language speak?
    Me: Gujarati (here I let down ) and I said I am comfortable in english.
    VO: No but I am telling you (angry).
    Me: Ok no problem.
    VO: Now tell me your plan in Gujarati
    Me: tell my plans
    VO: Interrupt me and What you father?
    Me: He is a government officer working at XXX.
    VO: What kind of government officer?
    Me: Senior Government Officer.
    VO: Why this university?
    Me: Start in English then Interrupt me and she told me speak in Gujarati. (Not a single word in English and I was completely confused and i cannot convey my plans and other questions properly in Gujarati).

    Then VO gave me 214b form and I said thank you.

    I want suggestion that what thing I keep in mind next time? She call again interpreter for her next interview or any other VOs. Let me share same Visa experience if any one have. Thanks for support and MSinUS.
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