Hi Friends,

Good Day!!!

Below is my profile

B.Tech (EEE), 60.79(6 backlogs)

GRE 290 (Q 154 + V 136) , AWA 3.0

TOEFL 87 ( R 15 , L 23 , S 26 , W 23)

Work Exp (4.6yrs in Tech Mahindra)

Now i am planning to do my MS in CS ,

so request to you please suggest me a few universities where i can get an admit along with some scholarship.

A few universities which are in my mind are.

University of Houston, Clear Lake.
Temple University.
University of Lamar
University of Texas , Arlington.
Texas Tech University
University of Houston,Main campus.

Please let me know if the above choices are appropriate or not else let me know a few universities which i can select.

Thanks Much for your support