I have 2 questions

1)I am going to graduate this june and I intend to do MS in the spring of 2015.I am writing toefl on 16th of august and gre on 29 of aug of this year.
before booking the dates i didnt check the deadline dates of various universities,now i found out that many universities are closing by august itself.
i want to join UTD for either telecomm or EE and i think i will be able to get 300-310 in gre and 100+ in toefl...but utd's deadline for spring is on sept 1 therefore i can't submit my awa score because i write on 29th and it takes 10 days to get the awa score.
so therefore can i send the application without the awa score,rest all document (sop,lor,resume,toefl score,gre score,transcripts) i will have by that time only awa is the problem.

2)i have gone through the deadlines of various universities for spring 2015 posted on this website(thank you!), i have shortlisted few univ out them which are
a)UTD ( for telecomm/EE)
b)Northwestern univ boston (cs/ee/telecommunication) (please comment whether telecommunication is good or not in this univ)
c)UMASS (cs/ee)
d) virginia tech (cs/ee)
please tell the gre/awa/toefl score (my profiel:70 in engg/final project in drdo/no paper/3 backs) for these univs and is also is northwestern good? it seems queit expensive .

please tell me any other good univ that i might have missed for spring 2015.

thank in advance