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Thread: F1 Visa Apporved! in 20 Sec on MUMBAI Consulate.

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    Smile F1 Visa Apporved! in 20 Sec on MUMBAI Consulate.

    For MSCS,
    Date : 12/06/2014 ( DD/MM/YYYY )
    GRE : 297
    IELTS/TOEFL : Waived

    I was bit nervous & yet confident about my student visa as my consultant SANKALP CONSULTANCY has guided me thoroughly and prepare me to stand confidently for US F1 visa.

    Mumbai Consulate
    Appointment Time : 11:00 am

    I arrived at 10 and they directed let me to in

    Up to 10:10 - Security Checkup

    At 10:25 - Window No- 25

    Visa Officer was Around 45 Aged Fatty American Person also his face looked like a jumbo burger.

    Me : Good Moring Sir,
    VO : Very, Good morning, Give me your passport.
    ME : Sure Sir, (Passed The passport)
    VO : Pass me your I-20 as well.
    ME : Of-course Sir, ( Passed I-20)
    VO : Which university you want to go for ?
    ME : Sir, Illinois Institute of Technology, IIT, Chicago.
    VO : Which program ?
    ME : Master OF Science in Computer Science. (HE typed Something)
    VO : Whats your UG degree and when it been completed ?
    ME : Sir, my UG degree is Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science.
    ME : And i completed it recently one month ago in may-2014.
    VO : What's Your Father Doing ? ( I Cant here this questing clearly).
    ME : Sorry, Sir, Pardon, I cant get your question.
    VO : What's Your Father's Occupation ?
    ME : Oh, sir my father is doing service in regional co-operative bank.
    ME : Also, Sir My mother is associative professor in Government college. ( I prepared to tell him total salary of my parents coz i thought that next question will be about this).
    (HE TYPED SOME THING AND SCAN BAR CODE STICKER back of my passport and put the passport in the tray)
    VO : Congratulations Your Visa has been approved ! please collect your passport from your regional center. And Happy Stay in United States !!....

    ME : Thank You, Very much sir, You Made my day....... (He smiled and wish me good luck).

    I recommend SANKALP CONSULTANCY services for admission and visa for USA as they care and give right guidance at every step of US student visa.

    You can reach to them by clicking the below image and pls reply if you like this experience .

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