VO is mage aged around 30
counter no: dont remember it was manual that day, i guess it was 13
token no: E131
me:good morning
vo:good morning
passed documents
vo:what ur %?
vo:u were for the interview last july right what did u change?
me: sir i have changed my unversity to university of nebraska omaha, i have given my ielts exam in which i scored 6.5, i have done a certification in java (ocjp), and now i am working for an MNC.
me:298 sir
vo:how many times did u take gre
me: 4 times sir
vo: when was the last attempt?
me: oct 30th 2013 sir in which i scored 296
vo:why particularly usa?u have been trying since 2 years, u could have gone to some other country like uk australia.
me: usa has the best education system, it offers dynamic and practical oriented programs, and the world best schools are located in usa.
vo:why this university?
me:the university has excellent course curriculam which is a mixed blend of programming langauges and databases management systems, prof chen is conducting research in database mangement system form past 20 years,and reasearch on bigdata, the university has 70 million $ state of art computer facillity.
vo:whats your father?
me: my father is working as assistant engineer APCPDCL from past 25 years and his annual income is XX lakhs.
vo: move aside
Vo: place ur right hand fingers on the scanner( passport basket lo eshindu)
vo: now the left hand finers pelase)
vo: ur visa is approved, collect your documents
me:dint thank him, just ran from there to my parents and waved my hand