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Thread: Transferring Masters School/Program

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    Question Transferring Masters School/Program

    Hi everyone, I just got accepted in IIT computer science program for fall 2014. But I really want to go somewhere else. Does anyone knows if it is possible to change masters school. I mean once I go to IIT, can I transfer masters program to other school in the latter semester. please reply if you know any thing about it.

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    yes u can transfer to other school provided u have been accepted by that school in the semester u want to migrate. Ur units should also be transferred because what u study in the first sem should also be transferred to the new school. It depends from school to school how many credits they transfer.U should check with both the schools.

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    Just to be clear they only transfer 3 subjects.

    for more info from students who have transferred to other schools you can meet them in

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