Please advise on one query regarding studying in the US:

What would happen in the following scenarios:

a) After completing our Masters for two years in Life Sciences (Microbiology / Molecular Cell study), we try to get into OPT status by working under Internship - What happens if we are unable to find an employer who would be willing to file H1B visa on my behalf.

b) What happens if after OPT expiry my H1B visa does not come through under lottery scheme or the advanced Masters Degree scheme - will we have to return to our country

c) if H1B does not come through, we will have to join the University and pay our fees to maintain Student status and that would be very expensive - what kind of course could we join at the minimum of fees.

What other cheap options could we think of as we would have spent enormous amount of money in student loans for doing our Masters and returning back say after four years would be .... sucidal.

Appreciate somebody's attention and we would be very, very obliged to hear your views on this.

Thank you.