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Thread: Profile evaluation and suggestions needed about which courses to apply

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    Profile evaluation and suggestions needed about which courses to apply


    I am Electronics and Electrical student from BITS-Hyderabad 2008-2012 batch.
    I liked studying the electronics courses during college (no interest towards electrical courses). CGPA was ordinary at 7.2.
    10th - 90%
    12th - 86%

    I have work experience in Java for almost two years (as of now). Initially in a small software company called Reflexis. Now in Citibank. In both these places I worked with Java.

    I recently gave GRE where i scored 329 (quant-166, verbal-163).

    I do not have any research papers to my name, and the projects which I did were regular college projects, nothing where I took my own initiative.

    My question is whether this profile is good enough for a decent US university. I was thinking of courses where I can combine my love of electronics with software experience. I am still in the process of researching for good courses actually. What can I do to make my profile stronger (I was thinking on the lines of taking online courses.) Which universities will I have a good chance of getting into? Anything other suggestion that you might have for me?

    Thanks for your time,
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