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Thread: Mis fall 2014

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    Mis fall 2014

    Hi guys,
    I jus decided to go for MS in MIS (fall 2014).I have one and half years experience at infosys as a software engineer. I haven't written GRE n TOFEL yet is it too late to apply for fall? Do you guys know any good colleges (considering course , part time job oppurtunites ,living exopense)where the applications for MIS is still accepted for this fall?

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    You can get admits from some OK OK colleges for this FALL 2014 but theyre not preferable.
    Its too late for Fall 2014 and the program you wish to is MIS, deadlines would be passed & schools will be out of funds by this time for MIS.
    Plan to take GRE & TOEFL in this month, set a score target of 305 - 310 for GRE and 90 - 110 for TOEFL
    Shortlist universities which have this requirement, and report the scores after your Gre & Toefl to these univs, you could save upto $45 for each university.
    I could suggest some univs for the above said score, good and reputed ones for MIS
    indiana univ bloomington,
    Suny Stony Brook,
    IIT chicago
    & few good univs in New Jersy too.

    Apply well before deadline (for spring 2015) for funding and acceptance.

    Gud luck !

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