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Thread: Ms in us. Can i make it to any college in the us?

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    Question Ms in us. Can i make it to any college in the us?

    Hello guys

    I have a query for which I have not been able to find a firm answer anywhere. Frank opinions will be much appreciated. Here is my background.
    I am an electrical engineering student of 3rd year wanting to do Ms in us. I have great GRE scores (164Q, 160v) and TOEFL (105). But, my % in college (NSIT) is around 58% and that's majorly due to 20 backlogs (all in the first years) that I've had. Though, i have cleared all! I want to ask you onething. With this backlog history, can I get selected into a good enough or even average university in us and also succeed on the F1 visa interview. My question is straightforward. Please enlighten me with your views. I desperately need a last and defining answer. Thank you!

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    I know people who have got visa with 43 backlogs and 52%.So,you will get a Visa.To meet indian students who are in US you can register in

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