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Thread: How to start toefl preparation ??

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    How to start toefl preparation ??

    How do i start preparing for toefl

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    Today I TOOK THE ibt . the Kaplan book helped me a great deal. I think the speaking section was hard for me. I have six years living in the USA and I have good command of English. I speak well. The thing is that they just give you 45 seconds for your answer , you have to talk really really fast, and I didn't know that. I didn't finish what I wanted to say. Six years ago I took the CBT and I can tell you without a doubt that the IBT is much more difficult. The kapplan is a good book the CDs have a lot of practice ,and four complete test. Though the speaking section is weak. I think you have practice and practice and practice how to speak fast. I don't really think that the Toefl administrators did a good job. That speaking part of the test really doesnt test proficiency because it's not accurate with the reality, where you can pause and give your answers. The pressure of the 45 seconds is too much.
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