Hi Guys,

I am in a bit confused situation and hopefully some one might help me with this case.

My profile is as follows as of now

SSC - 85% (2003)

Intermediate - 80% (2005)

Graduation - 62% (2009)

Post Graduation - 76% (2014)

Work Experience 2 Years. (2009 - 2012)

IELTS - To be taken on 26th April

GRE - Not Yet Planned
Well my problem is should I opt for double masters or should I project my graduation score and opt for single masters if I opt for Double masters what are the chances of Visa getting approved? And My Work Experience is not relevant to my studies (I did Graduation in CSE and my work experience is in marketing and my PG is CSE as well).

If I opt for double masters should I again go to Computers or MBA? What are the chances of Scholarships and admissions in both the cases. If I plan for fall (I know its too late) Are there any chances to get in (I may not complete my PG until December)

If I opt for Single Masters what are chances of admission and scholarships?

What should be my GRE and IELTS Score for better admission and Scholarship qualification?