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    University Selection


    I have applied for MS in CS for FALL 2014
    I have got admit from 3 univ:

    1. Univ of Texas Dallas
    2. San Diego State univ
    3. Univ of Georgia

    I am not able to decide between the UTD and SDSU. As UTD has many indians and less on campus job opportunities whereas on other hand SDSU located in California they say cost of living is high but ample job opportunities.
    Also UTD has good rank and m not sure about the ranking of SDSU.

    So Please can you help me with some information so that i can take correct decision.


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    UTD is a very good university as compared to SDSU. I agree that SDSU's fee would be significantly lesser than the former one's however the cost of living in CA is much higher than Texas. if u are spending $500-600 in san diego than u can live the same way in dallas for $300-400.
    U have a misconception that there are more jobs in San Diego, agreed but these jobs are post MS jobs and not on campus jobs. The whole scene of on campus jobs in CA lies on slippery ground. Its very competitive. U will get ample of jobs in the bay area like San jose and san francisco and not in the southern california.
    I would suggest u to take up UTD, complete ur education there, save shit load of money and then move to california for jobs.

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