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Thread: Will I get Admission?

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    Will I get Admission?


    My Profile:
    B.S Mechanical Engineering, CGPA 3.79/4.00 (82%)
    GRE 311 (V 154, Q 157, AW 3)
    IELTS 8.0
    One Publication
    5 years of work experience in a MNC
    Research Interest - Applied Mechanics, Bioengineering, Dynamics & Controls

    I have applied to the following universities:
    - SUNY Buffalo
    - Clemson
    - Northeastern
    - Illinois Institute of Technology
    - Michigan Technological University
    - Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla
    - Wayne State University
    - Wright State University

    What are my chances of getting admission? Please reply guys.

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    - SUNY Buffalo- moderate chances(most probably u will get admit)
    - Clemson- admit
    - Northeastern- moderate
    - Illinois Institute of Technology- admit
    - Michigan Technological University- admit
    - Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla- safe univ
    - Wayne State University- admit
    - Wright State University- admit

    I reckon u have consulted a consultancy for shortlisting universities. U have a strong profile and they have made apply to all safe and moderate universities. U could have applied to some ambi univ in California like UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz and might have got admission.

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    thanks for your reply.

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