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Thread: Attend F1 Visa Interview without a payslip

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    Attend F1 Visa Interview without a payslip

    I am planning to attend F1 visa interview in the third week of April. I am concerned about my work experience. After graduation in 2012, I worked in a company for about 15 months and I don't have any payslips for all the months. My parents are sponsoring me and also I took a loan. So, what if the VO asks about my job experience and my paylsips. I do have my offer letter but the problem is with payslips. Are the necessary even if show them the required financial support?

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    The VO doesnt give a single **** about any of the docs. they are just for our satisfaction. If u go to the official site to check the docs they dont ask for anything except the SEVIS and the other official forms thats it. Dont worry ur good without the pay slips.

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