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Thread: F1 visa rejected 4 times.. Applying again need help..!!

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    F1 visa rejected 4 times.. Applying again need help..!!

    Hi All,

    I am applying for Master in Information Systems for FALL 2014 for the following universities.


    My Credentials :
    1) B.E. (CSE) - 59.4 %
    2) GRE 289 - (VERBAL-144, QUANTS- 145)
    4)BACKLOGS - 14

    My visa got rejected 4 times. This will be my 5th attempt.

    1st attempt - 2010- Hyderabad
    *No reason just rejected as i went through consultancy and many ppl standing in the line for Visa Interview applied to the same university. They even asked me for backlog, but did not asked the reason for that.

    2nd attempt - 2010 - Hyderabad
    *Just missed my another chance as i have not changed my profile and just applied to visa in no time after my first visa refusal. Asked basic questions and rejected my visa.

    3rd attemp - 2012- Abu Dhabi
    *I was working in Dubai so gave another try after a gap in Abu Dhabi but they rejected me again saying No strong ties from country of origin even though i showed them enough proofs of my property and stuff. so i planned to come back to India and again apply from here.

    4th attempt - 2012 - Delhi - Texas A&M Intl Univ
    This type i improved my profile. Gave GRE again even got scholarship from Texas A&M Intl Uni.
    But this time they asked me a different question in embassy of Delhi...
    the first question they asked me was "Who from ur family is in USA". I said "No one", but my brother is in USA from past 5 years. I did not mention my bro details in DS-160 form as many ppl suggested me that if u have any one from ur family in USA they me term u as potential immigrant n reject ur visa keeping that in my mind i did not mentioned about my brother any where. Do anyone of u think that might be the reason for rejection of my visa for the 4th time, may be in someway they came to know about my brother and they straight away asked the question for which i replied "NO"..
    Guys if anyone of u have any idea about this or something similar please do share your experience as they me help in my coming visa interview(FALL 2014) which i am applying for.

    Thanks in advance !!!
    Cheers !!
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    stop trying for student visa and better to apply for h1b cap try your luck

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