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Thread: Calculating Total Cost of a Master's Degree.

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    Calculating Total Cost of a Master's Degree.

    I'm planning to apply for Spring 2015. MS in CS.
    I'm done with GRE, going to write TOEFL by the end of April.
    I have a list of universities in mind that might suit my profile.
    But I have one big question unanswered. How much is my MS going to cost me?

    Details from the University websites suggest only the annual course fee / fees per semester or sometimes fees per subject.
    Additionally I have information about the application fees for each University. No mention about the cost of living expenses.
    All I have now is what it will cost me to apply to the university and no information about how much the MS will cost me.

    Please suggest how I can arrive at an estimate that is specific to the University and its location based on fact. Or please provide sources where I can garner such information. I'm certain that when I apply and secure an admit I am likely to be sent a list with all the nitty gritties for which I will be coughing up dollars. But I want this estimate before I choose which university I will be applying to.

    Thanks for any suggestion.

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    MS in US Fresher
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    I technically found the answer to my own question :

    Navigation steps:
    Home > Home > Admission Proccess > "US Universities Admission Deadlines, Application fee, Tuiton Information"

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