I guess I have planned to catch the MS bus very late (my observation after going through the posts)

My Profile in Short... I have around 7 years of work experience in software industry. B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering with 80% (no back logs). I am planning to opt for MS in software engineering to build career as software architect. So I want to apply for fall 2014. However, I did not complete GRE and TOEFL requirements so far. Planning to complete TOEFL by mid April.

Some of my questions are:
1) Am I too old (in terms of work exp) to apply for MS. Would this hurt my visa chances?
2) What is the good strategy to go on from now? Should I apply for fall 2014 or which application cycle should be good. ( I can complete GRE by Mid May)
3) What are the some of the universities that I can target for this fall entry with or without GRE ( I have a valid GMAT score. Would that be of any use?)

Please help me. Also, I am very new to entire admissions process in US. So any suggestions would help me in a long way.