i am asa sree....i got the admit from the university of missouri,kansas city(umkc) and southern illinois university,carbondale(siuc) for fall-12 in EE..But can't decide to which i shuld go.

up to my knowledge UMKC is the best university as per the ranking wise...but some of my friends saying that the scope of racisim is more in kansas city and oppurtunity to get on campus jobs and funding is very low..

Coming to the SIUC university..the ranking is bit low compared to UMKC...but the hope of getting on-campus jobs and funding very high and cost of living is also very low compared to kansas city...the main drawback of SIUC is visa rating is reduced now-a-days....

so,anyone please suggest me the best univ is all aspects i.e funding,on-campus jobs,visa rating and education